Website Security

We Specialize in WordPress Security

It's easier to prevent an attack than it is to clean one up...

WordPress Security

WordPress websites need to take extra precautions if they want to prevent a hack in the future, especially as your website's popularity grows. There are things you can do to secure your website without spending a dime. Every website we build, launch and maintain is secured to prevent an attack. 

Were you hacked?

We can help! If your website is redirecting users to inappropriate webpages or displaying spam links that you didn't put there - you have been hacked. Contact us and we will remove the malicious code and restore your website.

Free WP Plugins

There are free WordPress plugins you can use to secure your website, such as Wordfence and All In One WP Security & Firewall. Prevent your website from being hacked by installing one of these plugins, and feel free to contact us if you need assistance with setting them up.

We Secure Every Website We Build

We keep up with EVERYTHING WordPress and every website we maintain is secured so hackers can't inject malicious code or brute force their way in. Along with the extra security measures we take, frequent backups are also made so if something ever goes wrong we can restore your website to working condition in an instant.