Vigilant: A New Free WP Theme for Bloggers in 2017

vigilant wp on a mac

Vigilant is a free WordPress theme¬†created by David Ferrell. It’s a new release, currently pending review at the theme repository. For now, you can download it for free by clicking the button below or by visiting the Vigilant GitHub repository.

This theme was clearly inspired by the Numix color scheme, which has become quite popular among Linux users in the last few years. It has made it’s way to the Chrome browser and now WordPress.

Download Vigilant

Current Version: 1.5

Theme options can be found within the theme Customizer so you will have the ability to get a live preview of any changes made. It’s a very easy theme to set up and highly recommended for bloggers looking for a simple, responsive theme that loads fast and looks good across all screen resolutions.

Fix Render-Blocking JS and CSS in WP for a Better PageSpeed Insights Score

low PageSpeed insights score fix render-blocking js and css

Here is a very helpful article that will show you how to fix render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in WordPress, so you can improve your PageSpeed Insights score and provide your users with a better experience.

Do you want to eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in WordPress? If you test your website on Google PageSpeed insights, then you will likely see a suggestion to eliminate render-blocking scrips and CSS. In this article, we will show you how to easily fix render blocking JavaScript and CSS in WordPress to improve your Google PageSpeed score. Continue reading from

Do not sacrifice user experience in an attempt to get a perfect PageSpeed score! View the PageSpeed results and make improvements where you can and aim to get your website as fast as possible. Sometimes, due to various plugins and features you use on a WP site, it can be impossible to get a perfect score without sacrificing user experience and breaking features.

How to Add Click-to-Call Buttons on Your WordPress Site

add a click to call button on your website

Ever visit a site on your mobile phone and experience how easy it is to just click a phone number on a website to call a local business? Smart phones have changed the way we display our phone numbers on websites. Consumers can easily call you from your website without writing down or manually dialing your number. Believe it or not, this makes a difference.

If you want to make a click-to-call phone number link in WordPress, just use the regular link HTML code:

<a href="tel:5555555555">555-555-5555</a>

That will look like this: 555-555-5555

Here’s a Bootstrap click-to-call button code snippet:

<a class="btn btn-lg btn-primary" href="tel:5555555555">555.555.5555</a>

For those of you who want nothing to do with HTML, just use a plugin!

There are two the work great, and every business should have one of these on their website. Click to call button and Call Now Button are both free plugins that offer the same thing, but with a slightly different look.

Anyone that understands the basics of WordPress can install one of these plugins and have a mobile click-to-call button on their site. The click to call button plugin by Andy Moore has a nicer rounded call button and the icon is a bit more stylish, but you should pick the plugin that goes best with your website’s design. If you have any questions leave a comment, but if you need help then contact us today!